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Medically At-Risk Drivers Centre (MARD)

I been going through this and it's almost a copy-paste document to the BC one in 2016.
In light of the doctors not signing the Prescription ACMPR or Authorization of s.56 CDSA exemptions
I have been investigating toward the personal options Individual's have to avoid the jeopardy they
might find themselves with the new C-46 in specific.
I medical 'Statement of diagnosis' is the first foundation-document that must be in place first.
This is in many forms but it must be held within the Individual's medical history file or on the Clinic's record's, a ACMPR or s.56 has to have one at first instance.
After that is obtained a request to the Provincial Authority, RoadSafeBC over here, could initiate a: "Standard road test" , a road test conducted by a government authorized driver-examiner. Standard road tests were traditionally designed for assessing driving skill, not driver fitness.
They may be used, however, under certain circumstances to assess motor and sensory functional ability to drive.. Of interest to note at this juncture here is in My personal experience.
My Dr. Swamy was never aware of My test because He didn't initiate it, I did.
The RoadSafeBC, Superintendent of Motor Vehicles of BC, never called to confirm My MMAR with Swamy because I asked them and they had no idea of me doing this.
The point the assessor may have decided not to call and confirm with Swamy was when I BDs'd and said at the very start of the appointment call after She found-out who I was and She identified herself: " Oh good! You are calling to give me an appointment time for my Road-test because Dr and I have now found a stable and reliable Dose that I can easily maintain
Maintain My titration level's now."
Those words were specific because they are part of the rational also of particular note is the SCC case they cited as the reasons for the new regimes.
We've not many citable cases as disabled Individual's.
We should be looking to those, from what i've read, for the second part of this 'Mental-exercise', adapting these examples to recreational consumers.
The next part in the form 15.6.2 speaks of "Over the Counter medications".
This is speaking specifically to the issue and is open to the interpitation of 'self-medicating' with Cannabis Trichom Therapy.
Literally translated it would be done at the appointement phone call from the Licensing agency : " I have found a stable dose which allows Me to maintain a safe titration Level with My Cannabis Trichome Therapy and I feel ready I'm to preform the Standard Road-test with agency now".
These things are possible to be instagated post Road-side prohabition prior to a challenge to the Road-side court case as part of the defence of .

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